Give 3D Printers to Children

Give 3D Printers to Children

Tinkerers, DIYers, inventors – everyone wants a 3D printer these days. However, just like a mega-box of 900 crayons is 890 crayons wasted, very few people would have any idea how to truly make use of such a powerful device.

As much as those people think they have good reasons for buying one, I think pretty much all of them are wrong. I’d bet that even folks on the top-quarter of the bell curve in creativity or brain power would go wild printing replacement volume knobs, pen holders, or at best, iPhone cases in different colors. Instead of create, we see replicate. True creative work, sadly, is a skill most of us have lost. When faced with a three-dimensional blank page, 99.9% of us would hit three dimensions of writers block.  (Disclaimer: There are AMAZINGLY talented folks that are either gifted and/or have spent their entire lives developing the creative mastery that inspire awe in the eyes of mortals like me.  They are the 1% and bless them.  But most of us with even the best quality crayons couldn’t draw a nice stick figure.  True dat.  Own it.)

The real power and potential of 3D printing is lost on us, the adults. We just haven’t come to terms with it yet. Our adult minds vibrate perpetually to perturbations like taxes, dirty laundry and bosses’ to do lists. Creativity exists in the spaces between such thoughts. When is the last time you made a video game out of a cardboard box? Or a Rube Goldberg device out of “girly” toys?  Could you even imagine doing so? Can you imagine why that would be time well spent?

3D printers aren’t for us, the adults. Nope. Sadly, we were born too late. 3D printers are for our children. We just haven’t come to terms with it. Unencumbered by “adult” stuff, children can see the magic that can be squirted out by a tiny plastic-shooting nozzle. 3D printers are the magic wands of the 21st century. Let’s give them to the kids, no strings attached, and watch the magic if their mind come to life.

Prepare kids for THEIR future, not our past” – Daniel Pink.

Every school in the world should have a 3D printer, just like every kid should have a computer. I’d like to help make that happen. If you would too, here’s your opportunity to help. I’ve set up an account that you use to donate. 100% of all the funds will go to putting 3D printers and related supplies into schools. I’m not sure if high schools or middle schools are the best choice or what printer or software to buy, but I’ll make it my mission to figure that out. Initially, I’ll focus my efforts on Austin schools because, frankly, it’s just easier for me to reach out to schools that I can drive to. But if funds become available, I’ll spread this nation-, and eventually, world-wide.  I’ll also make all the donations public here for all to see to there’s complete transparency.

Here’s the bitcoin address you can use to donate: 19LCwMoyQcUuJQxM2rVbrfQS4P8vqrZ5HV

Here are three examples of simple 3D printers for kids:

Examples of simple to use 3D software, easy to use 3D printers

Please join me in changing the future and putting amazing power at the finger tips of those who are most capable of making a difference.  Please donate now.  Even just a little bit will get one child closer to realizing dreams that they didn’t even know they had.

Donate Address:19LCwMoyQcUuJQxM2rVbrfQS4P8vqrZ5HV



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